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Overall Lift - Arielle Lane

Price: $19.99
Clip length: 00:22:59
Posted: 02/10/2019
File size: 858.4 MB
Category: Damsel in Distress
Secondary categories:
Public Outdoor , Power Tools , Lift and Carry , Legs

Arielle Lane is waiting for some friends and does not notice that Scott has come up behind her with his forklift. Before she can run away, he lifts her by her overalls and she is stuck in the air. The machine is so loud that her cries for help are muffled  He is so busy texting that he does not realize that she is flying in the air.

Her long legs flail in the wind and the sneakers she bought for traction are of no help in this situation! Still unaware of his uninvited guest, Scott raises the forklift so that Arielle goes even higher. Her movements become less frenetic as she gets more and more tired and dejected by her situation.

Arielle's eyes widen when she hears the beep beep beep of the fork lift as it backs away taking her with it down the road.

OTHER KEYWORDS-stuck, Arial Lane, Arielle Lane, Scott Torvea, dark hair, leg fetish, runners,  humour, overall fetish, denim fetish,  long legs

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