The Divine Goddess Jessica

One Week In The Vice

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Posted: 10/19/2018
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Category: Chastity

Seven days ago I locked you up in a chastity cage and sent you away. You said it would be no big deal, easy, you’ve done it before with other women. Two days later you called me, almost hysterical. You can’t get the cage off, it’s an emergency, you need to come pick up the keys. You had no idea that this was a Vice chastity. You didn’t know about the “anti-pullout” accessory. Finally, a cage you can’t slip out of. I know there is no emergency. I know you’ll live. Today you’ve showed up for your 1 week check in with me. I laugh in your face when I toss you the keys and you struggle with the lock. Ooops, are those not your keys? I know this has been the hardest week of your life, but, I think

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