Angel Lee Customs

Office Furniture - Angel Lee

Price: $18.99
Clip length: 00:20:33
Posted: 03/19/2018
File size: 774.88 MB
Category: Human Furniture
Secondary categories:
Ball Busting , Chest Sitting , Body Busting , Trampling , Female Domination

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o dot com


Angel Lee is on her lunch break and her boss demands that she get back to work. Irked, she knees his crotch and throws him to the ground. Sitting on his back, she resumes reading. He gives her grief and she makes him turn over so she can sit on his stomach.

Taunting, she bounces up and down on his tender belly and he moans in agony. Digging her ass into his flesh, she straddles him and flicks his balls with her hands. Bouncing up and down, she makes him gasp while she hits his crotch.

She demands a raise and her boss will do her work. Standing on his back, she digs her high heels into his back. The stilettos are new and extra sharp as they pierce into his tender flesh.

Angel had fun trampling him, but wants to sit on his back and play on her phone. Her muscular legs spread out and she enjoys the rest of her day!

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