Sarah Michelle

Nude Humiliation for the Dark Lord

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Clip length: 00:09:06
Posted: 09/04/2014
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Category: Magic
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Nerdy Girls , Fetish , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Sarah Michelle plays Hymenie in this magic fantasy themed video. Hymenie is taking a break from studying to enjoy a chocolate frog candy. Unfortunately, Bellatrance has been spying on her and has other plans for her. Bellatrance removes Hymenie's wand and immediately puts her under her spell. Hymenie is f****d to strip down to nothing but just her school girl shoes. Hymenie is fully nude when Bellatrance decides to release the spell because she knows how embarrassed and humiliated Hymenie will be when she realizes she's naked! Bellatrance f****s Hymenie to do things but keeps her fully aware so she can see her humiliated face and pleas. She f****s Hymenie to dance sexy. Bellatrance then leaves Hymenie still under her spell. I wonder if the head master of the magic school found Hymenie like that? How embarrassing! This is shot in a POV style and voice of Bellatrance is done by Ludella Hahn.