Angel Lee Customs

Not Even Close Part 2 - Angel Lee

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Clip length: 00:12:53
Posted: 07/11/2018
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Category: Giantess
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Executrix , Shrinking , Muscular Women , Small Penis Humiliation , Female Domination

Angel Lee is so mean to you and bringing you down to size. She realizes that you must have a tiny penis because you are over compensating while gawking at her sexy muscles. You are trying to stay fit so that you can stuff socks in your pants and nobody will know how pathetic you are.

There are rumors about how small your cock is and your behavior confirms them. It seems like a good idea to shrink you down to a small person and she can be a giantess that towers over you. She doesn't care if you like it or not. You deserve to be down there looking up at her.

Those strong bare feet crush your weak body. It does not matter if you cry because you are worthless. Since you have been staring at her boobs, she beats you with muscle contractions between her pectoral muscles. How does it feel having her butt cheeks twerking on your helpless body?

The best way to get rid of you is to chew and swallow you down her throat. You slowly go down to Angel's belly and it is good to be rid of you once and for all.

OTHER KEYWORDS-height humiliation, muscle domination,  strong women, verbal humiliation, 

six pack, fitness model, bathing suit, long hair, black toenails