Sherry Stunns

New Pledges - Alora Jaymes, Dakota Charms & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/17/2018
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Big Tits , Sleeping - Knockouts , All Natural , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Sherry Stunns has nice new pledges for the sorority and they are already tipsy. Dakota Charms and Alora Jaymes fall asleep on her shoulders just as she planned. Flopping their bodies around she laughs how easy it is to manipulate these girls every year. They are disposable because a new group comes in eager to be involved.

It's so easy to get embarrassing video for their rush and she pulls Dakota over her lap for a spanking. Time for the fraternity boys to teach them a lesson and humiliate them on the internet. How else can the sorority afford these lavish parties?

The bidding for naughty pictures starts in 5,4, 3, 2, 1...

OTHER KEYWORDS- sleeping fetish, limp fetish, Alora James, ragdolling,Sherry Stuns, @SherryStuns1