Neat Freak Time-Stop

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Posted: 10/26/2018
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Eye Glasses , Petite

Neat Freak Time-Stop

STARRING: Norah Nova

Nathan just got home from work and is trying to play some Fortnite. Unfortunately, his neat freak girlfriend Norah is in one of her moods. She insists on cleaning the living room directly in front of him while he plays. He suggests she do it some other time, which only causes her to berate him for being a slob and not doing his share of the house-hold chores.

Having heard enough nagging, Nate realizes he won't be able to use video games to relax tonight. His timestop watch will have to do instead. He activates it, freezing Norah in place like a pause button. She's wearing a ridiculously sexy dress, as if to tease him. He strips it off and caresses her lovely, pierced breasts. Nathan shoves his hard cock in Norah's pouty mouth and tight cunt.

Trying to be fair, he keeps unfreezing her to see if she will drop the angry maid routine and participate in the fuck session. She never relents unfortunately, so he freezes her again and fills her bratty twat with a nice hot load. When she's unfrozen, Norah is much to concerned with the gooey mess in her pussy to bother Nathan while he games.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Stripping, Glasses, Panties, Groping, Blowjob, Dragging, Rolling, Fucking, Creampie, Body Views, Foot Views.

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