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My Wonder Ashley & Star Nine Part 2

Price: $28.99
Clip length: 00:32:57
Posted: 03/11/2019
File size: 896.67 MB
Category: Super Heroine
Secondary categories:
Gags , Sleeping - Knockouts , Lift and Carry , Boots , Bondage

Part 2 of an epic sleepy super-heroine video!

Wonder Woman (Ashley Lane) dashes across the room & manages to get the upper hand. She gags & fondles the limp villain before standing up to report her capture. With her back turned, Star is able to surprise her, she jumps up and grabs Wonder Woman in a bear hug, weakening her. Wonder Woman falls to the floor.

After another bear hug & Star holds Wonder Woman between her legs. She covers her mouth as she interrogates her. She learns that she can defeat Wonder Woman by removing her magic boots. This information in hand, she pulls the heroine over her shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom.

Once in bed, Wonder Woman is kept gagged with a nylon cleave gag, white tape, a nylon OTM gag. She is stripped down to her suntan pantyhose & white panties, her boots are removed and put back on as Star experiments with her control over the heroine.

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