Sarah Michelle

My Little Pony's Bath

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Clip length: 00:09:31
Posted: 01/21/2017
File size: 515.93 MB
Category: Pony Play
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Lesbian Domination

I'm Leila Hazlett's little ponygirl! Leila wakes me up in my stall and sees that I have gotten myself quite dirty! She unties my reins and rides me off to the wash area. Once there, she begins to strip me so I'm naked. I neigh and stomp with a smile on my gagged face as my owner begins to brush my long brown mane. Leila then fills the bucket with water and washes me from my neck down to my dirty hooves. Leila was so happy with how I behaved during bath time that she takes me off to get a treat! I hope it's carrots!

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