My Conceited Ex

Price: $16.00
Clip length: 00:17:39
Posted: 05/19/2015
File size: 333.27 MB
Category: Fantasy

Starring Katarina Kay and Miles

Katarina and Miles have just broken up even though they’ve been living together for the past year and a half. Miles wants to see if they can work it out, asking what changed, but the only answer she has for him is that she doesn’t like him anymore. He’s like an old pair of shoes to her and she’s ready to just get rid of him. She just signed a contract with a new modeling agency and she’s embarrassed to have him around. This upsets him, so he uses his time freezing device to freeze her.

In order to get his petty revenge, Miles strips Katarina of her clothing so he can take compromising photos of her and post them online. He poses her around their apartment, between the moving boxes full of his stuff and taking photos. 



Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Posing, Lift & Carry, Nudity, Stripping, Doll, Statue, Boot Removal, Sock Removal.

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