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Morning Shower - Anabelle Pync

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Posted: 03/16/2018
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Shaving , Wet , All Natural , Hair , Voyeur

Anabelle Pync walks up to the running shower and discards her robe before pulling off her cute pink panties. The water feels so good as she lets it run over her sexy body and her skin turns pink from the heat.. Her hair gradually gets wet as she sits under the faucet and she rubs bubbly shampoo from the roots down to the tips.

She washes her body and grabs her razor. Showing off her round ass, she makes sure to get her pussy. After getting all of the requisite tasks done, she really  just wants to stand in the shower for some aquatherapy! Using her knees for leverage on the little ledge, she spreads her legs and shows off her soles. The water streams down her body and if you like asses, she shows it off!

It is finally time to get out of the shower and she squeezes the water out of her hair before grabbing her towel.

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