Money Minion Part 1 Strong MOney H******s

Price: $41.99
Clip length: 00:54:58
Posted: 10/28/2014
File size: 25.16 MB
Category: Financial Domination
Secondary categories:
Dehuminization , Dehumanization , Mesmerize , BDSM

It’s time for you to relax and listen to my newest mp3 H***o file. The theme of my new file is financial domination and spoiling me as your sole Goddess. If you enjoy FinDom or if you want to explore complete devotion to me, this file is a must-listen. My FinDom file features a very unique induction and deepener sequence and then gets very hardcore as far as my demands and expectations of you as my money slave. I’m so tired of money slaves who just perpetually flit from Domme to Domme and dilute the amount of money they spend or Tribute by patronizing and schmoozing all the popular FinDommes. That behavior will end after you listen to my h***o file. You will worship me me me and only me. You will spoil me and Tribute only me me me. You will focus on me and make financial sacrifices for me. This is a Domme / slave relationship after all, not just playtime when you are horny! I am extremely serious about Financial Slavery and servitude. And you will find out how serious when you listen to my new mp3. Even though my mind-altering manipulation will happen at the subconscious level, you will find that your life will be forever changed after you listen and are awoken from t****e. You will find that you will be giving and giving and doing whatever it takes to please me and spoil me. I will be the sole focus of your life. Click now to purchase my new mp3, download and listen now!. This file is 54:00 mins long with a whisper track.