Sherry Stunns

Mistress Rivalry 2 - Kordelia Devonshire & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 03/27/2018
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Sweat Fetish , Muscular Women , Muscle Worship , Female Wrestling , Armpits

This was  a custom and if you would like one of your own, please email me! TheSherryStunns at g m a i l dot com


It has been an exciting competition between your mistresses Kordelia Devonshire and Sherry Stunns as they fight to be the strongest and smelliest woman. They sensually inhale each other's scent, running their noses across the other's body. If they weren't in a fight, you would think it's foreplay as they dive into each other's armpits. Their noses probe for more of the intoxicating scent and they moan in pleasure.

Kordelia demands to see Sherry's biceps and takes a big bite into her bulging muscles. Sherry returns the biting and crawls up her neck while grabbing those huge tits. Forehead to forehead, they threaten to take care of the other for once and for all, explaining who is going to win you.Using their bellies to ram into each other, they violently slap their worthy opponent. Their tits bounce with each belly impact and they volley in and out of the imaginary sumo wrestling ring.Old school hair pulling makes them scream in agony as they try to get an advantage over the other. Blonde and brunette hair goes everywhere and they whimper and struggle.Kordelia wraps her mouth around Sherry's nose and inhales as they grope each other. They almost kiss, but never do. The inhalations are so much sexier as they tease themselves with each other's scent.Flexing their biceps again, they bite and pull each other's hair in a last minute attempt to assert dominance over the other. These two are so evenly matched that they may never claim victory.

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