Kyaa's Empire

Mindfucking Anna Moone

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Clip length: 00:09:57
Posted: 03/29/2018
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Category: Mindfuck
Secondary categories:
Dehumanization , Mesmerize , Hypno-Robo , Female Domination , Domination

I have a little bitch named Anna moon now locked in my cage. They are helpless as I begin to brainwash them. I use a leash to keep their face close to mine, making them look into my piercing blue eyes and listen to my mesmerizing a voice. It doesn't take a long before Anna is in a t****e. I train the slut to become a mindless blank doll to be used for the pleasure of alphas. Using just my voice and my eyes I completely mindfuck Anna Moone into total submission. Watch this bitch go through a real life brainwashing session with the powerful Goddess Kyaa, renown for my brainwashing skills.

Contains: domination, BDSM, slave training, brainwashing, mesmerizing, mindfuck, cages, leashes, hair pulling, face slapping, collars, queerer, gay, verbal domination, doll training, bondage, Goddess Kyas, Anna Moone