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Miley's Painful Panty Drawer - A Ballbusting Humiliation Revenge Story

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Posted: 09/14/2018
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Ball Busting , Kidnapping , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Tease & Denial , Corporal Punishment

Miley’s Painful Panty Drawer


Audio and photo only.


Runtime: 34:53 minutes


A Ballbusting CBT Humiliation T*****e Revenge Story written and performed by 22-year-old dominatrix, Kristen McCale


Instagram @KristenCracksNuts


DOWNLOAD INCLUDES SIX ITEMS… the mp3 audiobook running 34 minutes and 53 seconds with not even one dull moment. Also included is the high definition graphic, the original illustration of Scott with his nuts closed in Miley’s panty drawer, and a really sexy photo of the author and performer, Kristen McCale, in pink booty shorts and pink boots. We hope you enjoy and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and custom requests. Email us EroticHabit at gmail.




Miley is the hottest girl at Washington State University. She’s so hot, even the respectful boys can’t keep their unwelcomed hands off of her. They just can’t resist the temptation to touch her or say something dirty to her. As a result, Miley has spent her life ballbusting boys. Anytime a boy would get out of line with her, he’d find himself the victim of a swift hard kick to the nuts. But, lately, it just hasn’t been working. She’s found out that men actually like it when her sexy feet crash into their dangling organs. As a result, it doesn’t stop them from groping her.


This year, she decides to turn up the heat a little. It starts with this total perv who actually had the nerve to stick his hand up her skirt and cop a feel of her pussy. She didn’t appreciate that at all, and she wasn’t about to let this creep off with a simple kick to the nuts. She decides to pants him and give him a nude and super nasty ballbusting session in front of half the school as she lectures him like she was his m***y. The word of Scott’s corporal ball busting punishment quickly made its way around campus and boys were starting to become much more well-behaved around Miley. For awhile, that is. Until Scott…


Scott went way too far sexually harassing Miley, and Miley went WAY TOO FAR punishing him. After waking up with his balls in her hand and causing him to pass out, he later awakes duct taped to her dresser with his cock and balls dangling inside of her top panty drawer, which he had rudely rummaged them through earlier. And, together and separately, that cock and those balls get slammed over and over and over again in Miley’s panty drawer as she teases and taunts him the whole time, showing absolutely no sympathy. She actually ends up enjoying her revenge and getting extremely turned on in the process. She even remains nude and eats ice cream during the affair as she completely ruins him with sadistic pleasure. And since it becomes so sexual for her, instead of going easier on him after he’s learned his lesson and had way more than enough, she starts to ironically go harder on him. Either to get herself off and/or to completely nail the coffin shut on Scott. You’ll have to enjoy it to find out.