Merry Greedy Christmas

Price: $199.99
Clip length: 00:03:11
Posted: 12/20/2018
File size: 440.55 MB
Category: Financial Domination
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Mesmerize , Latex , Humiliation , Brat Girls , Tits

It´s the best time of the year and of course the best time to drain you hard! No - every single day is a perfect day to rinse you dry! Latex and tits always best to get you weak and stupid within seconds. You grave - you suffer. Your dick is rock hard and you can´t wait to pay me $199.99 for a 3 mins mindblowing clip! Attention: After you´ve seen this clip - you can´t handle mind, cock and credit card! You feel the need to send more! Let me ruin your Christmas! I am in such a greedy mood!