Mental Readjustment

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Posted: 08/22/2016
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<font size=14 color=#e03d89><b> Mental Readjustment </b></font>

<p><b>STARRING: </b> Brooke Bliss and Rock </p>

<p> Brooke comes in to see the therapist about some troubles she is having with a boy at school. She is emotional about the fact that she might have been used by the boy and Rock has a special way to help her deal with these emotions.

Rock leads Brooke through some h******s exercises and causes her to do what ever he says.

She is now his personal mind slave to do what ever he says. He has her first take off her top and show her perfect breast s. Then he makes her get on her knees as he takes out his cock. he makes her suck his cock, deep throating it all the way down.

As a perfect little slave she sucks his cock so well. doing it exactly how he likes. He finishes in her mouth as she swallows it down like a good slave.

keeping her for later he tells her to go hide in the closet while he has another patient. </p>

<b>Fetish Elements: </b> Graphic Sexual Content, Nudity, H******s, Mind Slave, Blowjob, Body Views.</b></p>

<p><b>Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format</b></p>

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