Magic Mirror

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Clip length: 00:16:09
Posted: 07/25/2016
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Category: Mesmerize

<font size=14 color=#e03d89><b> Magic Mirror </b></font>

<p><b>STARRING: </b> Trisha Parks And Rock </p>

<p> Rock arrives late to his girlfriends House where she is waiting of date night to start. She is mad he's late and gets attitude but he has a gift to make it up to her. He hands her a mirror, but this isn't a normal mirror, its a magic mirror. This mirror as the power to h*******e, she stares into the mirror getting hypnotic, rock now has full control over her as her makes her strip down naked.

Then she makes her act like a dog crawling around on her hands and knees like his little pet.

He then has her suck his cock .</p>

<b>Fetish Elements:</b> Graphic Sexual Content, Blowjob, H******s, Stripping, Body views. </b></p>

<p><b>Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format</b></p>

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