Luna Lain

LunaBot 5000 - Luna Lain

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Clip length: 00:11:17
Posted: 03/17/2018
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Category: Hypno-Robo
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Female Training , High Heels , Latex , Dolls

Featuring Luna Lain!

We are so excited to introduce the Luna Bot 5000 and she has so many new features. She is highly trained in a diverse range of topics such as French cuisine all the way to fixing your car.

If you want to outsource all of the chores, the Luna Bot can do everything from cleaning windows to picking up the carpool with her built in GPS. When you want something a little naughtier, she switches to sexbot mode as demonstrated here. NO headaches ever afflict this gal, and she is always in the mood. The orifices are moist and warm and can please you for hours without shorting out.

Whether you want a submissive or dominant woman, she is the one for you!There is a specialized circuit programming that means she is the friend you always wanted, but nature did not give you. There are 10 minutes before this special offer is over, and you can even do payments through the Luna Bot 5000 in a special location on her body.

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Thank you to DFP Productions for filming this!

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