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Love Potion - Niki Lee Young

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:20:59
Posted: 02/08/2019
File size: 379.04 MB
Category: Mesmerize
Secondary categories:
Male Domination , Mindfuck , Sub Training , Humiliation , Brat Girls

Niki Lee Young is a bitch who is used to getting her way. Scott is a baddie that has been watching her for awhile and thinks that she would be perfect for reprogramming. There is such a thrill from taking a perfect princess down a notch to a cum thirsty slut. He makes her go to s***p and drives her to his secret location.

Things become blurry for Niki and she knows that they are driving but she is completely limp. Scott cannot wait to get his hands on this one and gropes her legs while driving.When they arrive, she can barely walk so he lifts and carries her as she babbles incoherently.

Her new home is a dirty mat in a cold cell. To prevent her from escaping, her arms are handcuffed behind her back. When she awakens, she starts a tirade of protests and bitching. This is easily solved and Scott brings her in and out of s***p to show her who is in charge. Consistent doses of love potion are given and Niki becomes more compliant. The cuffs come off because she cannot fight under these conditions.

The treatments have worked because she wakes up wanting cock. She crawls toward the viewer (POV) and begs to have your hard dick. Her hands go between her legs and she begs and pleads like the submissive slut she is. She wants your cum all over her body and you are glad to give it to her.