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Loser Foot Boy - Terra Mizu

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Posted: 07/11/2018
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Category: Foot Humiliation
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Foot Worship , Foot Domination , Financial Domination , Foot/Shoe Fetish , Female Domination

Featuring Terra Mizu!

You are so sad and pathetic because you love feet and want to rub your cock on my wrinkled soles. It's so sad and makes you a fucking loser. I don't care if you love my wide, 9 1/2 size foot because you aren't getting them.

Do you really think you could touch my feet with your dick? You are so disgusting.  I could show you my curvy ass or big tits, but you only want my dirty feet. Don't you salivate over your cleaning them up with your whiny tongue?

You were so dumb to buy a video of me pointing and flexing my feet. I'm going to call you out on your bullshit and make fun of you for your perversion. 

Fuck you for asking to look at my feet and not wanting to pay tribute. You have probably turned the volume off so you could look at my red toenails, but I'm going to keep bitching.

There are some who get special attention, but I'm done entertaining you!

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