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Loan Shark Blues - Dakota Charms

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:11:42
Posted: 02/15/2019
File size: 444.88 MB
Category: Forced Stripping
Secondary categories:
Damsel in Distress , Breath Play , All Natural , Humiliation , Embarrassment

The Boss is not pleased that Dakota Charms did not return her borrowed money and Scott has brought her back in front of the live stream camera to shake her down for it. She begs for  more time but Scott has heard it all before. These dumb girls blow it on clothes or partying and expect to be forgiven because they bat their eyelashes.Before she realizes it, he grabs her neck tightly and gropes her tits above and below her shirt. Much to her chagrin he yanks it off and admires the sexy bra covering her perky  tits. Her shorts are shimmied off despite her protests and she moans in embarrassment. . The panties are removed as well as her dignity.She promises to pay back the money in 2 weeks, but she will have a lot harsher treatment if she comes empty handed.

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