Little Lingerie Boutique

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Clip length: 00:17:23
Posted: 05/05/2015
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Category: Fantasy

Starring Jessi Summers, Alice Whyte, and Rock


It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and Jessi and Alice are out for a shopping spree. They stop by a little boutique that they both love, and start looking through the racks of clothes. Rock, co-owner of the store, is working the registers today. It’s been a quiet day so he strikes up conversation with the girls. They ask him how his day is going and he gives them an honest answer; he’s an inventor in his spare time and he’s invented a new watch that stops time but the patent office won’t issue him a patent for it. He’s frustrated, and venting to them, but they don’t believe him about the watch. 

He’s upset that no one ever believes him, so he freezes time to show them. He picks them up and switches their positions, removing the clothes from Jessi’s hands. Then he unfreezes time and they both look around, confused by how they switched places. 

Eager to show them more, Rock hits the watch again, freezing the girls. This time he gives them some new outfits, removing their tops and sliding on some sexy lingerie instead. When he unfreezes time this time, they start getting upset, feeling violated and asking to see the watch he was talking about earlier. Of course he doesn’t want to let them do that. So he freezes them again, this time removing their skirts and posing them in sexy positions on his desk. 



Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Nudity, Freeze, Posing, Dolls, Statues, Lingerie, Stripping, 

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