Kitzi Klown

Lipstick Trickery

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Posted: 03/09/2016
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Category: Lipstick
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Teacher , School Girl , Older Man/Younger Woman , Costumes , Mouth

There's always that ONE bratty student. In this case, a hotblonde you KNOW you shouldn't stare at, but can't help it. She hasthose luscious lips that drive you crazy. You catch her applyinglipstick to her full berry lips during class, slowly coating glossover that perfect pout. You suspect she KNOWS you want her. There'sno other reason she would be doing it so slowly and thoroughlywhile you're watching. Despite your own dark desires, you tell herto put the makeup away.<br><br>Later that night, a video appears in your inbox. Its a clown, with intriguingly large lips and a sweet demeanor reminiscent ofthose young girls you crave. You know you shouldn't watch this video. You shouldn't stare at those puffy red lips. You shouldn'tallow yourself to be drawn in so easily. You can't help it. Youpress Play and begin stroking your cock as you watch.

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