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Limp Hair Play - Alora Jaymes

Price: $15.99
Clip length: 00:17:36
Posted: 01/31/2019
File size: 664.59 MB
Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
Secondary categories:
Lift and Carry , Brunette , All Natural , Hair

Alora Jaymes bends over and brushes her brown hair so that it goes straight to the floor. Once it is perfectly sleek, she stands up and styles it into a ponytail, then a chignon. She's so engrossed with her hair that she doesn't notice Scott Torvea come up behind her. She struggles as he knocks her out and falls limp in his arms. He undoes her hair and bends her over so it looks like he has her in doggy style. Her dark hair swishes as he ragdolls her side to side.

He pulls her heavy body into an over the shoulder carry and sways her body so her hair will flow. He occasionly runs his hands through her strands. Off camera he switches positions and has her in a front over the shoulder carry. It's nicer with her face in his crotch and he can see her mane swish.

Her body is placed on a table and her head hangs over the edge. Quickly her face reddens as he strokes her hair and lifts her head up before dropping it down. Scott bobbles her head before styling her hair in handheld ponytails and buns.

Alora is flipped to her belly and her hand flows down as he plays with her helpless head. Brushing her hair again, he admires his work and lifts her heavy head before leaving.

OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, s***p fetish, lift & carry, hair brushing, hair fetish, hair worship, straight hair, hair styles, dark hair, limp play, ragdoll fetish, Alora James,  @ScottTorvea,



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