Lovely Lilith's Lusty Lair

Lilith's Software Upgrade Chapter 4: Old Flame

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Posted: 05/19/2017
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Several weeks since accidentally ingesting the nano-tech at work, Lilith has been finding herself falling prey to further side effects. Her libido is increased, and her passion has become nearly unquenchable. Unfortunately for Lilith, whenever she becomes aroused, which is often-- she finds her breasts swelling with milk. The only way to stop her tits from growing to the point of popping is to orgasm-- which ends with a milky explosion...

To ease her tension, she decides to Skype an old flame from high school. She's been daydreaming about him lately-- remembering their electric chemistry. After several glasses of wine-- she starts the Skype call. He hasn't changed much--- in appearance- or his taste for unnaturally large tits.

And wouldn't you know it-- he has a fetish for her....situation....