Sherry Stunns

Licking Our Lollipop - Terra Mizu & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 05/09/2018
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Tongue , Licking , Food , Brunette , Mouth

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at TheSherryStunns at g m a i l dot comTerra Mizu and Sherry Stunns have one lollipop but they both want it. They decide to share it as long as they keep their tongues on their side. Their pointed tongues dart out and slowly lick the head of the lollipop.Sherry accuses Terra of having a larger tongue and taking more of the candy, so they compare by sticking them out. It appears Sherry has the fatter tongue and they resume sucking. Terra thinks she has better flicking skills and they see who can flutter their tongue the fastest. The lollipop turns their mouth red and they show off how they can curl and undulate their tongues. This leads to deep throating the stick and putting it deep in their mouth. As they suck it like a cock, they moan in delight. OTHER KEYWORDS- lollipop licking, tongue fetish,  mouth fetish, body part comparison, competition, Sherry Stuns, TerraMizu, red lipstick, red fingernails, @SherryStunns1

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