Lick Your Little Sisters Dirty Sneakers

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Posted: 03/13/2019
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Category: Taboo
Secondary categories:
Role Play , Foot Worship , Foot Domination , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Humiliation

After a lost bet to your bratty little s****r, She sits on her bed teasing you, wearing a tiny crop top paired with jean shorts and sneakers. Mocking you for losing, She rubs the win in your face while laughing in amusement at the predicament that she's put her big b*****r in. Now you have to lick clean the bottom of your little sisters dirty sneakers. She giggles in disbelief at your enthusiasm, encouraging you to lick off all the dirt on the heel of her dirty shoes, tormenting and humiliating you in the process. Why are you enjoying this so much big bro, do you have a foot fetish for your little sisters feet? Are you a perv or something?