Sherry Stunns

Let's Play A Game - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/12/2018
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Sleeping - Knockouts , Orgasms , Handjobs , Bondage , Female Domination

Sherry Stunns sneaks behind her boyfriend and makes him go to s***p so she can tapegag his mouth. Awakening and mmphing, he is surprised to see her climb on his lap, but she makes sure that he goes to sleep again so she can tape his limbs.

He reawakens and she informs him that things are going to be different. No more chores or suffering from his neglect. In this position, he can't argue and has to listen to her humiliation. It will hurt when she yanks the tape off his nipples, but she doesn't care anymore!

His cock will be useless to him now unless she allows him to use it. She exposes his dick and starts stroking it. As he gets hard, she stops because he should not have pleasure unless she doles it out!

Grabbing a bowl, she wants to catch every drop and strokes while dominating him. Since he is behaving like a good submissive boy, she goes to her knees and commands him to be her cum slut. He only deserves her spit, but she won't put it in her mouth.Groaning in excitement and frustration,  he cums in the bowl that will serve his dinner!

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