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Posted: 03/28/2018
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Category: Legs
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Flexing , Socks , Ebony , Brat Girls

Take a long look at the preview image for this clip. Your pulse races & your breath quickens. You break out in a sweat. You may even tremble a little. All of these reactions are completely normal when filled with fear.....or when sexually aroused. And right now, your brain doesn't quite know what to make of Me and My devastatingly beautiful legs. Sexy and sculpted, you long to worship My Ebony legs. You crave to slide your head in between My thighs and experience the rapture of My leg scissors around your skull. At the same time you realize that legs like Mine aren't just strong and toned...but capable of crushing you, reducing you to nothing. Your cries for air going unheard as you slowly begin to run out of breath, drifting off into u*********s bliss from the ever increasing pressure of My thighs restricting the flow of blo0d to your brain (but not to your cock...). My legs are sexy, strong, and quite lethal to weaklings like yourself....