Mina Thorne

Left Behind

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Posted: 06/26/2016
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Category: Cuckolding

I have some bad news sweetheart. I know you've been looking forward to this evening. We had those reservations at that sexy new restaurant and then a luxurious suite at a nice hotel. I know you were looking forward to all the sex we were going to be having but things are simply not going to work out the way you were hoping. I've decided you'll be staying home while I go out with a ridiculous hot and hung new stud. That dick of yours hasn't done it for me for a long time and I need to get pounded in a way you never have been able to. However, you won't be left completely out of the fun. While I'm going to be having mind blowing sex I'm going to leave the phone on so you can hear every little nasty detail. Are you ready to jerk to the sounds of me getting fucked six ways from Sunday?