Sherry Stunns

Layla Moore & Sherry Stunns in Caught By ***

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Posted: 04/27/2018
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Impregnation , Oral , MILF , Humiliation , Embarrassment

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Layla Moore and Jerry think they are being sly as they use a blanket to cover their groping session. It is obvious that she is giving a handjob and his hands are on her tits. Her ***, Sherry Stunns,  comes in and is mad! It gets worse when she finds out that Layla is not wearing any pants and her pussy is hanging out on full display.

Sherry yanks Jerry's cock out after they claim they weren't doing anything and demands that she do it in front of her if she is going to do it at all. Layla is embarrassed, but crawls to her knees to take his dick in her mouth. It becomes awkward when Layla blurts out that it is not that big, which makes Jerry annoyed with his girlfriend.

Time to teach Layla a lesson about being rude and Sherry grabs her legs and pulls them up and out. Jerry strokes Layla's clit to lube her up and Sherry shoves a funnel in her pussy as a strange form of birth control. If she uses the funnel, which is just thinner than Jerry, it will maintain her virginity, and Jerry can get his fix by cumming in the funnel. Layla thinks this is odd, but Jerry goes along with it.

During the strange process, Sherry encourages Layla to grab his balls which makes him harder. As they tighten, Sherry talks about how Layla will be impregnated even though she is a virgin. That is all he needs to hear and he explodes in the surrogate pussy.

Jerry finds Layla's m****r pretty cool and wants to hang out more!

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