Miss Noel Knight

Last Orgasm As A Man

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Posted: 06/12/2017
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Keywords: Gender Transformation, Femdom POV, Body Modification, F****d Fem, Humiliation, Slave Training, Jerk Off Instruction

I've called you, my slave, in to have a little discussion. While we're chatting I give you permission to stroke yourself. I even give you permission to cum. This is truly a momentous occasion because I normally forbid you from every touching your cock. I'm giving you this privilege because this is the last time you will ever have an orgasm as a man. I'm sending you off to a top secret facility that will alter every physical cell in your body to that of a female. You are going to be a slutty, needy little slave girl from now on. So go ahead and tug on that ugly cock until you squirt - once you do, the men in white coats will be here to take you away and you can begin your transformation.