Dreamgirls in Socks

Juanita's After Hours - (High Quality Version)

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Posted: 03/20/2019
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Juanita was almost ready to leave after our second sweaty feet session, but she was so tired, that she almost fall asleep on my bed with her boots on, just when she was planning to leave. I didn’t wanted to wake her up, since she was so tired. She actually asked me why my cock was so hard during our sweaty feet challenge, so that was almost impossible to hide her my foot fetish. That was such a turn on, while she was just rubbing her sweaty feet on my cock, with her young innocent smile. Juanita woke up at a certain point, and she realized at this time that she still have her boots on her feet. Her socks and feet must be so sweaty by now! She wanted to know how bad she could turn be on with her feet, so she takes her boots off, then immediately covers my face with her sweaty white socks! Again, I had another instant hard on, so she smiles, and asked me if she could play with my cock while I would play with her feet. That was a fair deal. She grabs my hard cock under that blanket, and starts to play with it with hands and her sexy tongue. She begins by giving me a handjob, then she takes my hard cock really deep inside her lovely mouth! I have to say that her tongue skills are amazing, and I was really tempted to fill her mouth with my cum, since her sweaty socks were actually right on my face! The smell of her socks was so strong, after this long summer day inside her leather boots. Juanita makes me sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her socks, and makes me suck on her toes, while she keeps playing with my hard cock on the other side. She sucks my cock until she gets a huge explosion of flavor all around her lips, and her sexy tongue. That was a huge blast! Welcome to the club Juanita!