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Posted: 03/18/2019
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Executrix , Double Domination , Shrinking , Giantess , Femdom POV

Once you agreed to be shrunken by us, it's too late for you tiny man! You should have read the terms and conditions! hahaha!

In a moment of weakness, you agreed to allow Sydney and Jasmine to shrink you. You thought you were going to just get to have some fun and they were going to make you big again, but they tell you sorry your tiny size is now permanent! Hahaha! They laugh at how tiny you are and how they're going to dispose of you. Don't even THINK about trying to run away tiny man, we've destroyed thousands of you and not a single one has ever gotten away!

Sydney picks you up so you can get nice and close as they laugh at you. How will they dispose of you little man? Maybe they'll just crush you under their powerful feet.. Sydney lays you down and Jasmine raise her giantess boot above your weak little body. All she has to do is lean forward and it's all over, your bones will be ground to dust under her Goddess feet. But no, they want to eat you. They're hungry but Jasmine wants you basted in cum!

They give you one last jerk off instruction before you get eaten. This is your last chance tiny one, so make it count! You had better blow a huge load little loser! Now that you're covered in cum, Jasmine puts you in your mouth and you fight but end up spending your last days in her belly!