Sherry Stunns

Human Ashtray - Vicky Vixxx & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 05/09/2018
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Dehumanization , Double Domination , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Female Domination

I (Sherry Stunns) love sharing you with Vicky Vixxx as a human ashtray. You take all of our ashes as we shove them in your mouth. If you don't make any gagging sounds when we blow the smoke, you may be lucky to have our butts put out on your tongue. But it all depends on what we want because you are a pathetic loser.

Look who is already coughing? Your cock better not get hard as we purse our lips and blow the smoke in your mouth. Hold it....You will learn to behave.

Watch this cigarette grow long with unflicked ash. Stick out your tongue as we flick it on your ugly pink tongue. Swallow it all like a little bitch.

The only reason you are in our presence is because you take our ashes. Who wants to clean a stinky ashtray when we have a loser who does it for us? It's a privilege to receive something that touched our lips. Roll it around your fucking mouth and you don't get anymore until you swallow all of it.

Beg for it but don't get too excited. You need to crawl on the floor and lick the missed ashes but don't get near our perfect feet. You will never touch us.

Our cigarettes are near the end and it is time to hear that sexy sizzle on your tongue. Since you missed so many of the ashes on the floor, the second one is going on your dick.

Go away until we are ready to smoke again.

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