Angel Lee Customs

Hulk Angel Lee

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Posted: 07/17/2018
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Category: Transformation
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Giantess , Clothes Destruction , Aliens and Monsters , Amazons , Fantasy

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There are rumors that Angel Lee's boyfriend has spread her secret about being a monster. She greets him (POV) calmly and asks if he told anyone. When it is apparent that he is the leak, she is so frustrated because she trusted him. Now her life could become a media circus or she could even become a scientific novelty.

Her eyes glimmer as the transformation commences and she lets her anger take over. Moans escape her mouth as her body painfully grows. The white blouse buttons tighten and snap to reveal her firm belly and sexy black bra. Angel's feet stumble out of her now smaller shoes. Angel feels her leg muscles thicken and burst through her jeans eventually turning them into skimpy daisy dukes.

Pressure builds inside and she breathes heavily as her skin morphs into an emerald green. The delicate bra straps can no longer hold her large tits as Angel heaves in anger.

The rage is building inside and Angel is a powerful beast and craves to crush everything and everyone in her sight. She flexes her muscles and demonstrates her power by punching her now ex boyfriend out cold.

OTHER KEYWORDS-Transformation fantasies, transformation fetish,  clothes ripping, growth fetish, Angel Lee, six pack, 6 pack, short shorts, special effects, green people, incredible hulk, spoof