Home Wrecking Relationship Counseling

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Posted: 08/12/2017
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Princess Lacey

Let me tell you my honest and professional opinion. Your relationship, your marriage, it’s never going to work out. We can keep up with your counseling all you want but in the end, your relationship was over before you even came to me. So I think we need to try a different type of counseling. I know what you’ve wanted to hear all along, that your relationship is over. So it’s time to focus on a new way. But before we can do that, you need to end it today, you need to tell her it’s over. Split up and never speak to her again. I want you to start seeking a life alone. That’s all you need, you don’t need any kind of relationship. All you need is to be alone and be the weak, pathetic, horny little bitch that you are. 

Now we’re getting somewhere aren’t we? Your face lit the fuck up when I spoke to you that way. So your new therapy to forget all about her, is to focus on something new. And since I’m the one who is helping you with all of these realizations, it’s obviously me. I no longer have to see your stupid girl ever again, and you don’t have to either. It’s fucking over with her. I am your new focus. And you want to continue with your new counseling, don’t you? Of course you do. But know that starting now, this therapy is more expensive. 

Your new life alone will be spent jerking off and paying me to continue providing this counseling. I could tell right away that you were a pathetic little jerk junkie. Not having sex really played a factor in the destruction of your relationship. But you didn’t want to have sex with her any more. You’d rather just jerk off to videos online, right? Now I want you to start jerking off for me, right here. Pull out that pathetic fucking dick and jerk it for me. Look how hard you are already. I know you got hard the moment I called you a bitch. Jerk for me and tell me your relationship is over and you accept your new life alone. 

Jerk to my ass and tell me that you’re nothing but a weak little loser. You need this type of therapy. It feels good accepting the truth. I know what you need, she didn’t. Jerking off feels so much better than trying to revive your relationship. You know this is all you’ve ever wanted. The freedom to be the weak, pathetic, jerk junkie you are. This new form of counseling is sure to change your life. I can tell that it’s already started to. And you’ll need to keep coming back and paying for session after session. I showed you the truth. I give you the permission to be the horny little pervert that you are. But you must accept and follow my guidance. 

Your life will be spent alone, focusing only on work and our therapy sessions. You will never waste your time on another relationship ever again. I don’t even want you to have friends. You just work and you come here for our counseling. Understood? And you’re not allowed to cum, that is another part of our very strict therapy. I’m going to totally rewire your brain. I only want you to edge, this is called edging therapy. Now I want you to go home and break up with her, then jerk your dick for hours, but you’re not allowed to cum.