Hitachi Mind-Fuck

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Posted: 01/30/2014
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Category: Mindfuck

Starring Tiffany Fox and Alex Dorian

Directed by Alex Dorian

Tiffany Fox is at her therapist's office, talking about her boring life and stupid problems

Dr. Alex is bored with this, so he tells her that he feels that mind-fuck therapy would help her with her stress.

Tiffany agrees and Alex has her lay back and tells her to listen to the sound of his voice while he leads her into a state that gives him all the control

He orders her to sit up, and tests if it worked, then he has her tell him what gets her off, stimulation, Tiffany loves vibrators.

He tells her to strip for him, then has her dance on him, he rubs her sexy body while she gives him a lap dance.

He grabs the Hitachi that he uses for some more extreme therapy sessions and hands it to Tiffany

She wastes no time, and starts rubbing it on her pussy, she has several orgasms and asks her Masters permission to cum.

Afterward, Alex tells her to hide her clothes in the closet, and once she awakes, she will think that she is fully clothed. He has her lay down again and guides her back into control of her own mind

Once awake, Tiffany feels at ease, more free and natural, so he sends the naked girl on her way, cured for the moment

Fetish Elements: Mind Fuck, Orgasms, Therapist, Nudity, Command, s/M, Vibrators, POV, Stripping, Yes Master

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