Luna Lain

His New Friend Luna Lain

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Luna Lain is surprised when a strange man walks in and makes her go limp in his arms. Her eyes cross and she flutters her eyelashes before he lifts and carries her to the bedroom in a cradle carry. Her body flops around so well, that he likes watching her hair flutter down and the pull of gravity on her limbs. 

After throwing her to the bed, he ragdolls her heavy body. Her long legs dangle and show off her keds sneakers. He opens her eyes showing the whites of her eyes. 

Despite being in only bra and panties, it is time to get her completely nude. The athletic shoes are removed and her white ankle socks are stripped. Her bare feet are tossed around to see how they move before he progresses to the lingerie.

His hands grope her perky tits, and he admires how sweet and nubile this victim is. She can be posed in all sorts of positions and he is not shy about spreading her legs wide to see her bare pussy.

Luna starts to stir and he is ready to help her go back to bed. He has an errand he needs to run, but he can't leave her like this, so he hogties her so she cannot escape.

When she awakens, her reflexes are a little slow from her nap, but she struggles against her binds. The Baddie comes back and teases her in and out of s***p before finally letting her close her pretty blue eyes.

He has been watching her for a long time and is going to be in her life for a long time! OTHER KEYWORDS- limp fetish, rope bondage, male domination,  sneaker fetish, Luna Lane, Luna Laine, Scott Torvea, runners,  red hair, limp play, ragdolling, ragdoll fetish,  barefoot bondage

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