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Heart Broken - HD

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Posted: 02/15/2019
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You knew you were ill, but the Doctors confirmed the severity of your heart condition. Still in hospital, you need complete rest and to avoid any stressful situations. Your young wife, Danielle, comes to visit you and stands by your bed. She popped into the Doctors herself to get advice on how to handle your condition.

But in spite of knowing that your pressure must remain stable, Danielle decides to show you the new lingerie she just bought. She tells you she has some confessions to make and her breasts bulge out of the tight, black lingerie as she leans in close... On her way here, she also went to the Solicitors... With a smile, Danielle says she was glad to see that you have left EVERYTHING in her name and that she and her BOYFRIEND will spend the money wisely! That's right, whilst you have been re-writing your will, your wife has been on her back being fucked again and again... And not just by anyone, by your healthy, fit, big cocked, BEST FRIEND!!! Danielle's graphic descriptions of events and ass grinding raise your stress levels to the point of no return and the last thing you see as it gets black, is her grin...

“Hmmm how are you feeling? It's not good news is it? No, I have just come back from the doctors and the solicitors. The doctors said that you don't have long left. You can't do anything too strenuous, which means you're not allowed to... You know... Have sex or get excited... It will get your heart rate racing and you'll have another heart attack. So we must make sure we don't do anything too stressful. Anyway, so I bought this... What do you think honey?"