Hands On Teaching

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Posted: 06/16/2017
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Hands on Teaching


Moka is a sexy Spanish exchange student trying to get her visa, but she needs to know at least a little English. Her teacher is having her over to review her vocabulary but she is not keeping up. Getting bored… and very sexually frustrated having such an alluring piece of ass sitting on his couch, he decides to make things a bit more interesting and uses his time stop watch to try a little more hands on teaching. First he just toys with her, un-buttoning her blouse, and laying his solid cock in her tiny hands. Her surprise and adorable reactions every time he un-freezes her only eggs him on. He sees this as an opportunity to teach her some new words…can you say, “cunilingus?” He lays her on her back and removes her sexy little panties to reveal her bare little pussy. He licks her, running his nose up her slit, snail trailing himself with her euro juices. He un-freezes her and she is shocked. Freezing her again, he continues his cherade taking full advantage of her vulnerable situation. While she is on her back, he fucks her, really putting the english on with each stroke of his rod. When he is ready to come, he un-freezes her just momentarily. He freezes her back just as she tries to flee, mouth agape in horror and confusion, and begins stroking his cock over her until he releases a massive load on her chest. Knowing no cop is going to be able to understand her story in spanglish let alone believe it, he calmly gets dressed, and resumes the lesson plan as she reanimates. She mumbles completely beside herself in her native language, after all, she has no english words.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Time Stop, Fondling, Hand Job, Blow job, Pussy Licking, Stripping, Titty Fuck, Sex, Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views..

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