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Posted: 09/21/2017
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Category: Domination
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Mesmerize , Masturbation Instruction , Orgasm Control , Legs

When a powerful women wants something she get that thing without any problem. What do I want?I will explain you quik; I want a new toy, a new boy toy,I ve been hunting you from long time and today I will take what do I want (Giggle)I find out you have an addiction for nylon.Im wearing a sexy pair today... will be so simplle to mindfuck you , to make you become my puppet! I will just turn your addiction against you make you become weaker and weaker.I will seduce you exposing my sexy nylon legs then I will give you some brain food..... so intoxicating...ohh feel the joy ** ******* SPECIAL PRICE DUO BREAST NUDITY**