Addie Juniper / Brainwash Productions

Growth Uncontrolled with Cali Logan

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:09:12
Posted: 06/19/2017
File size: 254.55 MB
Category: Breast Expansion
Secondary categories:
Vampire , Tit Worship , Giantess , Aliens and Monsters , All Natural

Cali Logan is a huge nerd, but she's built up the confidence she needs to talk to a boy she really likes...over webcam, of course! (In person is far too scary...) This e-date is going to be the first time he's ever seen her on camera, so poor little Cali is super nervous and super duper shy! I mean, she's a goofy, flat-chested dork who has to wear coke-bottle rims. What if he doesn't like her? What if he MAKES FUN OF HER? The thought is almost too much to bear!

Well, she's gotta do it now. She's stuck. Here goes...and once she turns the camera on, Cali feels a very strange feeling - an odd pain - in her chest and in her stomach. It''s her breasts! Her boobs are growing! Her tits are expanding!

Shortly after, her mouth begins to hurt as well...FANGS? She's growing fangs! This is absolutely wild! Cali Logan shuts off the webcam, not having the faintest idea what's going on. After attempting to calm herself down, she turns it back on...and again the pain returns! Cali Logan suddenly starts growing taller. She grows and grows, and when the strange feeling becomes too much, Cali falls to the floor.

When Cali finally stands up, she has completed her transformation into a gorgeous vampire giantess, replete with big breasts and fangs. Oh, her date? He's a scared little nothing of a man, who calls her a his eventual doom!