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Greedy Bitch - HD

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Posted: 02/16/2019
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Category: Financial Domination
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Bikini , Humiliation , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Brat Girls

After a long day at work you get to come visit me while I relax all day long! You work for me now and nothing is going to change that. You enjoy it though, don't you? Why wouldn't you, I'm beautiful and worth every penny! I know you're happy to just see a glimpse of me. You can't get enough of me! You'd much rather be here than at home with your ugly wife. You get to fund my luxurious lifestyle and all you get is whatever I feel like giving you, which sometimes is nothing. You are so lucky that you even get to see me at all! I'm such a generous Goddess! Letting you spend time with me, letting you worship me. Now fuck off, I'm bored of you! - Dannii