Got Milk?

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Clip length: 00:21:14
Posted: 04/10/2014
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Category: Erotica

Starring Rose Black and Alexander

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alexa Werner is a snobby business woman, she gets everything she wants, and expects the world to do everything she says.

In her apartment building, it is a common occasion for the maintenance staff to run errands for her, her biggest admirer is Raymond, one of the workers at the building.

She's been having issues with her refrigerator, it just won't stay cold, she comes home to find Raymond still working on it. She tells him to get it done, she has a glass of cold milk every morning, and she will have one the next day too. Raymond tells her that itll be finished, but once she leaves, he pours a white powder into her milk, a freeze powder that will stiffen up her muscles and turn her into his own personal doll.

The next day, Raymond walks in to her apartment, and finds her frozen stiff, still in her pajamas with a bowl of cereal and a milk mustache, just like in the milk ads.

Raymond has a cousin who runs a wax museum, and he is going to sell miss Werner to him, but first he wants to have a little fun, posing her and taking pictures.

He slowly strips her, and stands her up, moving her stiff body around like a doll and takes his pictures.

He changes her face and puts her in several different positions, silly ones, sexy ones, angry one, just playing with his new Alexa Doll.

He puts make up on her, and takes more pictures, then calls his cousin to alert him of his new wax museum feature! Then he puts a sticky note on her forehead that reads "Out Of Order" and drags her away.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Posing, Nudity, Face Changing, Modeling, Pictures, Statue, Dragging, Make Up, Body Views

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