Sherry Stunns

Girls Lift And Carry - Layla Moore & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/18/2018
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Time for a lift and carry challenge between a BBW and a fitness model! Sherry Stunns is tall, strong, and confident of her abilities, but not strong enough to pick up Layla Moore's sturdy frame. When the tables are turned, Layla easily picks Sherry up and spins her around high off the ground.

Sherry is determined to carry her and gives her a piggy back ride for a few seconds before dropping her back on the sofa. Layla easily picks her up and loves being carried around and spun in circles.

Layla easily cradle carries Sherry, but it does not work well when Sherry drops her on the ground. The over the shoulder carry is graceful when Layla picks up her competitor but Sherry shakes her head in nervousness when she is to reciprocate the favor.

It seems like the best position is a lifting bear hug, but even that strains poor Sherry.

While in a firemans's carry, Layla teases Sherry about getting wet while being carried, and pulls her thong to the side to show off her pretty pussy.

Sherry is determined to do something that proves her strength, and tries benchpressing her with her feet and lifting her in the air but even that is a failure. Layla proves her muscular superiority by making Sherry balance with grace and ease.

Layla teases Sherry about her defeat and the punishment is to kiss her ass while being lifted upside down and over her shoulder. With a playful spirit, Sherry leaves her lipstick print on both of Sherry's ass cheeks. Maybe next time she can win!

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