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Giantess Promotion - Luna Lain

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Posted: 03/27/2018
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Category: Giantess
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Foot Humiliation , Foot Domination , Amazons , Foot/Shoe Fetish , Female Domination

This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot comQuit screaming. I thought you would be less annoying after I shrunk you. Do you even know why I made you smaller? You don't deserve that promotion and I am taking it from you.

There's nothing you can do because you are the size of my thumbnail. I could snap you in half. Maybe pulling you would be a better t*****e. It doesn't matter because I can do anything I want and nobody will ever find you.

I've seen you looking at my legs at work. Now you can get a close up look even though it is not the way you envisioned. Squeezing my legs together, I crush you. If I was really vindictive, all that would be left would be a smear of your body on my nylons.

It's so hard to hear you, but I think you said, "Please Stop". The only way is if you give me your promotion but this is for my amusement now.

My stocking feet press on your helpless body and I feel you squirming. It probably doesn't smell good because I worked in high heels all day.

Now is your chance to see my tits as I shove you between my cleaveage and crush your little body. That's not a bad way to go for a man. I don't care if you can't breathe and I will find a new way to t*****e you.

Putting you closer to my big mouth, I blow on you with my bad breath before popping you inside. Does it feel like you are going to drown in there? I could crush you with my teeth and swallow you whole. For now, you can stay in there and I will take your job when you don't show up.

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