Kyaa's Empire

Giantess Lesbians Crush Tiny Beta-Male POV ft.Sinn Sage

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Clip length: 00:09:29
Posted: 08/12/2017
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Category: Giantess
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Tit Worship , Crush , Lesbian , Lesbian Domination , Femdom POV

Giantess lesbians Kyaa and Sinn are making out in their bedroom when they notice something crawling around on the floor... what is it? It's a tiny beta male, sneaking around and trying to spy on them! Well, of course he must be destroyed. They debate the many ways of disposing of a little nuisance like him before settling on simply stomping his itty bitty body under their huge high heels. The tiny male gets a spectacular view of the Giantesses before his demise, though... the lesbian lovers kiss and touch each other, perky breasts exposed and luscious asses hovering over head will keep him horny despite the imminent danger. How pathetic!


Contains: giantess, giantess POV, lesbians, lesbian domination, lesbian teasing, cuckolding, humiliation, domination, femdom POV, female domination, powerful women, amazon women, shegods, kissing, make out, tits, breasts, legs, fishnets, ass worship, crush, smother, under foot crush, high heel crush, POV crush, assasinatrix, double team, double domination, Sinn Sage, Goddess Kyaa