Luna Lain

Giantess Fan Girl - Luna Lain

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Posted: 04/10/2018
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Category: Giantess
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Foot Worship , Foot Humiliation , Foot Domination , Foot/Shoe Fetish , Female Domination

This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot comLuna Lain tries to calm down the celebrity she shrunk because he doesn't understand that she only wants to play with him. She's been his biggest fan for years and wanted to make it real. She read how he loved women's feet and unlaces her shoes so he can admire her freshly painted red toenails. Her wiggling toes look huge next to his tiny body and she accidentally steps on him. He holds his nose to prevent gagging from her smelly feet.

Since he isn't enamored with her, she strips her jeans and shows off her lacy lingerie. She's angry that he doesn't love or follow her directions. If he won't worship her feet, she will slam his little body between her toes. Frantic to get his affections, she smashes him against the other foot and apologizes that they are a little dirty.

Luna demands him to fuck her soles and gives him a footjob when he doesn't seem to enjoy it. He's too little to properly stimulate and Luna is annoyed but still aroused.

Rubbing her pussy over her panties, she decides to keep him as her tiny doll on her shelf with all of his action figures. He's so tiny and helpless that he can't fight her!OTHER KEYWORDS- gentle giantess, foot slave training, foot domme, shrinking fetish, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, red hair, all natural, @LunaLainXX